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PINK D.Y.M.O.N.S. is a 501c(3) non profit organization that was founded in 2016 by  two time breast cancer survivor Dymon S. Irons-Bryant. Throughout my own personal battle with cancer, I was presented with many obstacles and financial stressors. Fortunately, I was really blessed to have the unwavering support both financially and physcially of my husband and my son, support from family and friends and numerous other outlets to assist me along this journey. This support helped me eliminate alot of stress and focus on what was most important, healing! In return I was able to channel my energy towards focusing on my faith, preserverance and tenacity, which gave me the power and strength to not only fight but beat this dreadful disease at it's own game. This is why I'm so passionate and driven to give back to others who's lives are being greatly affected by this illness.

Our Vision

PINK DYMONS vsion is to connect cancer patients living in rural communities with resources that enhance their self-efficacy.

Our Team

Dymon Bryant

Carla Brabham​


Shaneen Corujo

Vice President​

Jocelyn Irons


​Shawon Bryant

Fundraising Committee 

Tamisha Wiggins

Community Service Coordinator

Deidre Bamberg

Finance Committee Chairperson 

Angel Waldo

Survivor Applicants/Benefits Coordinator

Janet Irons

Public Rrelations/

Dining Coordinator

Members At Large

Shirley Dickerson

Stephanie Bryant

Shelia Wilson

Renee Moody

Stacey Irons

Our Mission

Our goal is to educate and provide resources to as many cancer patients as possible, in hopes of eliminating some of their financial burdens. We are on a mission to bring about awareness, while recognizing the demand for continously seeking a cure and acknowledging the need for finacial support for patients going through treatment.

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