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PINK D.Y.M.O.N.S. mission is to serve as a resource for non-medical resoures for patients currently going through treatment. A healthy mindset is a vital component to fighting this battle. With that being said, it is our goal to provide assistance with groceries, gas for travel expenses, rent, utilities, hotel accomodations and eventually transportation. We hope that by providing these resources, it will eliminate some of the stress for the patient as well as the caregivers. Hopefully this will allow them to focus on achieving a better quality of life, both mind and body.


-Mind and Body Counseling

- Exercise 

- Blogs

- Coping & Adjusments

- Anger Management

-Caregiver Chats(Encouragement)

-Mentor a school aged child that is battling cancer

​Educational Services

-Healthy Eating

-Issues with Neuropathy

-Early Detection

-Cancer Awareness



-Assistance with rent

-Assistance with car payments

-Assitance with utilities

-Assistance with travel

-Assistance with hotel accomodations

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