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Testimonials and Tributes

 I am a two time cancer surviror. I was first diagnosed with cancer in August of 2012. Through prayer, surgery and chemotherapy, I beat cancer! Then to my surprise, in March of 2015, MRI's revealed that the breast cancer had returned, even though I had undergone a bilateral masectomy. I must say this time around the news was more shocking and devestating than my first diagnosis. I couldn't believe this was happening to me all over again! This time doctors told me that the cancer was in my chest wall and that it was a 95% chance that it had metastisized! I started treatments, once again my treatment plan required surgery, lumpectomy and thyroidectomy, 3 types of chemotherapy and herceptin, because this time the cancer was triple negative, which was more aggressive than the first time. This time around I would have to have 19 rounds of radiation therapy along with chemotherapy once every three weeks for a year. I have had to endure so much adversity and once again physical, emotional and financial strife. It's truely by the grace of God that I am alive and Cancer Free today!

                                                                                                                                                      Dymon Bryant

I would like to thank this organization for the love & support that you gave me. With your help with paying my utility bill I was able to do something for my son & that made me feel really good. 

May God continue to bless you and thanks for all that you do.


Laura Johnson 

Lashonda Shaw


My loving brother in law , you and I started this fight together. Unfortunately, you lost the battle on April 24, 2016, but only after a courageous fight! Before you left, you grabbed me by the hand and said these words, "I'm so proud of you sis, but I'm tired, please promise me you will keep fighting!" That day, I promised you that I would continue the fight! This nonprofit represents my promise to you, Swen Marshell Bryant and to God! I will forever love you Swen and will continuously fight!


My dearest dad, you always taught us that hard work pays off. You instilled in your children work ethic, family value and determination. You were persitent in reaching your goals, which is why that same persistence was passed on to me. Becasue of you, I have the tenacity to continue to fight!

My dearest mom, you were praying and preaching the gosepel, every since I was a baby in your womb. I'm so thankful and grateful for the stored up prayers that you prayed for me, which I truly believe is a testament to why I'm still here today. Thank you for teaching me to pray without ceasing, preserverance and strong faith. For this reason, I will always have the strenght to fight!

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